Everything digital...For 17 years, Dayton Imaging Solutions has been your one stop source for cost effective Digital solutions for business!  Our expertis can help grow your business and create a return on investment (ROI) with our electronic solutions.


Dayton Imaging Solutions is a digital solution provider located in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area, specializing in:

  • Web Design - we’re experts at ensuring your website does its job. We know how to leverage a stunning design—one that represents "who you are" and "what you do"—with the strategic mission of addressing "why it matters" to your target audiences. We provide custom websites for even the most demanding applications in all industries.
  • Graphic Design - One of your most important and valuable assets is your brand and corporate identity. Dayton Imaging Solutions is experienced in helping others create an image that embodies their values through brand consultation and development.
  • Internet Marketing - Dayton Imaging Solutions offers a professional approach to your Internet marketing needs. We provide comprehensive research and reports to give you the best positioning possible with the top search engines.
  • Document Scanning - Paper, engineering drawings, microfiche/film, aperature cards, we can do it all!  We are a leader in electronic medical record scanning. We are an approved scanning vendor for Greenway, Allscripts, Nextgen, and Epic just to name a few. If you are behind the curve on EMR scanning, or you need an efficient way to retrieve your records, Dayton Imaging Solutions can help you go “paperless.”
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Web and internet solutions for your business

Document scanning for medical practices and businesses

  • Medical Form Design - For easy EMR data entry of patient registration and medical history
  • Document scanning of all paper sizes including engineering drawings in any image format
  • Web-based document management software
  • Imaging web hosting
  • Digital conversion of Microfiche, Microfilm and aperture cards
  • OCR of scanned documents
  • Turnkey imaging systems featuring Falcon from tsaAdvet
  • Fast turnaround and FTP data transfer on mission critical applications
  • CD/DVD Duplication

    We are on Ohio State Terms Schedule(STS)

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Cornerstone Group

The Challenge
Cornerstone Group wanted a quick turn around on this project. They are a new company helping people file for social security in a unique way. They came to us with out an official logo or color scheme, just ideas and a need. They needed a website that would help communicate what they offer as a business and how they compare to the competition. They also wanted to use their site to host a blog. This blog would be used to inform the public and thier clients of any new information that arises int he field of social security and how this information impacts them. 

The Solution

They really liked a previous site we had done for a local atourney. We used that site as a base for the design of the site but then added a unique edge to the color and style of the site. As with everything we deisgn, we design for the content, to showcase the information instead of producing a nice site. We are happy how the site turned out and so was Cornerstone Group.

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Dayton Imaging Solutions has been proactive in bringing you the latest tools and up-to-date technology solutions. We have the right solution for your website needs. Below are the Demo sites for you to browse and become familiar with. Please contact us to set up an on-site presentation of these applications:

1. Documendoccenter1t Management Systems - Glossy Docs - The first web-based tool, developed to manage your documents and files with ease. This tool can be customized to match your unique brand and set up to compliment your work flow needs. Benefits include:

  • Flexible pricing
  • Local infrastructure not required
  • Low implementation cost and low risk
  • Little or no IT investment
  • Web-based system for portability
  • Simplifies control and access to company documents
  • Increases effectiveness of document distribution
  • Offers intuitive and incredibly easy to work with environment
  • Centralizes and protects all your documents
  • Reduce overheads and saves money by going paperless

Please call us for a live demo - (937) 435-4411 (x207)

2. Content Management Systems (CMS) - We have several solutions for you to consider. All reasonably priced to fit within your budget. Our premium service provides:


  • cmsEase of use editor
  • Slideshow management
  • Multiple user access levels
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Blogs & Newsletters
  • Email marketing options

Please call us for a live demo - (937) 435-4411 (x207)


ecommerce1ecommerce23. E-Commerce - We use the latest in E-Commerce technology. This application features:

  • Complete Store management
  • Ease of use content management
  • Multiple product variations
  • Search engine friendly product pages
  • Customer tracking tools
  • Email marketing options

Please visit our Demo store and call us to schedule a live Demo - (937) 435-4411 (x207)


facility14. Glossy Rooms - This is cutting-edge web-based facility management software. The latest technology in managing your rooms, services and support. Some of the benefits and features include:

  • Calandar functionality showing the viewer which rooms are open on any particular date and providing choices for times available.
  • facility2Room views and a photo gallery of each room, giving the viewer a full color photo for planning their event.
  • Drawing tools for crafting your room specifications. This gives you full control on the layout and services available for each room.
  • facility4Web-based reporting for scheduling and managing the facility.
  • Online payment system for secured payments, your viewer will be able to purchase their room in advance and specify all support services.
  • and More!

This new automated web-based tool can integrate into your website with ease and your new customers will be thrilled at the ease of use to pre-plan for their next event. Contact us today for a free demo of this application or call us at (937) 435-4411 (x207).

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About Dayton Imaging Solutions

bryanSince 1994 Dayton Imaging Solutions, Inc. has provided superior document scanning solutions for small and large business. In those early years document scanning was very new, the equipment was very expensive and the process was very labor intensive. While this new technology was very appealing to large and small business alike, it was only affordable for larger businesses. Our mission remains the same as it was in our humble beginnings: to make digital solutions, cost effective and affordable for ALL businesses.

In November 2009, Dayton Imaging Solutions, Inc. acquired the talented and creative team from 10 Curtains Media. This addition to the Dayton Imaging Solutions team brings a passion for design and web development. Our graphic artists and web developers are highly-skilled, tech-savvy creative visionaries ready to provide a solution custom to your needs.

Over the years scanning & web technology has changed dramatically, as well as our spectrum of solutions. Although digital solutions are much more affordable than they were years ago, businesses are finding it more profitable and cost effective to stay in the business they’re in, and outsource to the experts!

We are committed to the success of our clients.

Bryan Belden - President

Stay up to date with Dayton Imaging, we are always moving ahead with new technology solutions. To see our presentation Click here

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It's time to start growing your business...

If you are like most small businesses, you are waiting for something big to happen, or anticipating changes from Washington that will positively or negatively affect your business. Regardless of your position in the market, you have to agree that we face challenging days ahead. Dayton Imaging Solutions would like to share a little secret with you ... marketing your business or unique organization via the web can be accomplished for little or no cost to you. Businesses are growing, and seeing record profits by implementing a web campaign, using e-commerce tools, integrating social networking, social media, search engine marketing and more... We would like to start consulting with you to determine the best approach to marketing your business. Contact our representatives today for a free consultation.

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Dayton Imaging Posts New Presentation

Dayton Imaging announces a new slide show presentation for your viewing pleasure. Stay up to date with Dayton Imaging, we are always moving ahead with new technology solutions. Click here


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Advanced Web Ranking - My bff!

Are you in the market for a powerful search engine marketing tool? As a professional in the search engine marketing industry, Advanced Web Ranking from Caphyon is my very best friend. This tool delivers the best in search engine rank tracking, keyword research, keyword analyzing, search engine submission, creating link partners, link popularity and more.

The folks at Caphyon have done a great job combining the powerful tools that place you high in search engine placement. And it is clear that "good placement" is the key to successful search engine marketing. This tool is not for the novice so make sure you do your homework and get the tech support they offer to ensure your success.



One customer reports...."The Advanced Web Ranking tool has reduced the number of hours we spend researching and reporting rankings to our clients exponentially. Our clients are 100% pleased with the look, feel, and analysis of the AWR reports." Michael Sherman - President, Qualified Impressions

Some of the powerful features this tool offers:

If you are comparing features from other popular SEO tools you can read more about their features here:

Another customer writes..."Advanced Web Ranking Pro saves our search engineering team at GetMeOnTop countless hours, each and every business day. What we used to do manually by hand, is now relegated to our computer running 24x7 verifying results, drilling down into all the search engines and providing us and our clients invaluable information. As a result using AWR, our NYC SEO practice and Web Development Company have become hot commodities. Our clients love the search results reports, providing easy to read search rankings for all their web sites, and for those that wish, deeper analysis for better website optimization. Thank you Caphyon for the frequent updates, quick responses to all my emails and an absolute great SEO product! " - David S. Josephson, CEO, GetMeOnTop-NYC

I have used various programs over the last 15 years, tools that have become staples in the marketplace. Even though some of these tools offer important information like Google Analytics, Yahoo registration, Hubspot Grader and more, I have not found anything like this tool to bring all of the important features together in one place. I would highly recommend this tool for start-up and established businesses. Weather you are a business professional, marketer, web designer or an SEO expert, you cannot loose with this program. Take it from a seasoned professional in the search engine marketing business, this is the tool you have been waiting for.

Here are more helpful links for additional information:

Search engine ranking
Website ranking
Keyword Research Tool

 Some of the best names in business are using this tool; AOL, SIEMENS, SONY, AMAZON, DISNEY, GODADDY, MTV, WEB MD, ORBITZ and more. If the top companies in the world rely on this tool than you can too. I have been using this tool for the last 60 days and I am amazed at the accuracy and expediency this program offers. Weather you are on a Mac or PC you cannot afford to pass this program by. It has helped us and our customers to gain qualified traffic and business growth in the last year and you will be well pleased with the results. This intelligent software provides all the tools necessary for a professional search engine marketing campaign. You can visit the site at:

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New Site Launch for Dayton Imaging

We are proud to announce our new website at Dayton Imaging Solutions. We are seeing positive growth in 2010 and are excited to show everyone the latest projects and services that we offer. Please take a moment to browse the new site and send us any comments. We look forward to doing business with you in 2010!


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