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Revolutionary Facility Management Software

Facility Manager - This is cutting-edge web-based facility management software. The latest technology in managing your rooms, services and support. Some of the benefits and features include:

Calendar functionality showing the viewer which rooms are open on any particular date and providing choices for times available.

  • facility2Room views and a photo gallery of each room, giving the viewer a full color photo for planning their event.
  • Drawing tools for crafting your room specifications. This gives you full control on the layout and services available for each room.
  • facility4Web-based reporting for scheduling and managing the facility.
  • Online payment system for secured payments, your viewer will be able to purchase their room in advance and specify all support services.
  • and More!

This new automated web-based tool can integrate into your website with ease and your new customers will be thrilled at the ease of use to pre-plan for their next event. Contact us today for a free demo of this application or call us at (937) 435-4411 (x207).

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Graphic Design as a Career

What Do Graphic Designers Do?


Graphic design is everywhere. When it’s good, it has a way of feeling organic—like a natural part of our environment. However, if you stop to notice the lines and colors in ordinary objects, you can see that someone put thought into making them both functional and appealing. A quick survey of almost any room, city block or town square will yield several examples of graphic designers’ work. Graphic designers influence how we view the world using colors, illustrations, photos and fonts. Look at a book or magazine, go to a coffee shop, or take a drive. When you do, you’ll encounter graphic design. From company logos, to road signs, to product packaging, design is part of our everyday lives.

What Graphic Design Tasks are required?

In a graphic design job, you may be responsible for the following kinds of tasks:

  • Brainstorming and mocking up design ideas
  • Presenting ideas to clients
  • Meeting with clients and adjusting designs to fit their needs or taste
  • Projecting budgets and schedules
  • Using computer software to execute designs
  • Working with others, such as printers, programmers, developers or other technicians, to complete the final product

What skills are needed?

Artistic Sensibility - In the last few decades, computer software and technology have revolutionized the graphic design industry. Even so, there is no substitute for artistic sensibility. Knowledge about design elements, such as color and composition, is vital for graphic designers. Artistic ability and creativity are essential.

Technical Skill – A graphic design job requires the technical skills to use design software programs such as Adobe CS or web development tools like Joomla Content Management (CMS). You may learn other specific software in graphic design school; however, a general interest in computers and an aptitude for learning new technology will be beneficial. As technology continues to develop, graphic designers hoping for longevity in the field need to be able to adapt.

Communication Ability – Sometimes known as visual communication, graphic design requires the ability to effectively present ideas—both verbally and visually. You’ll need to be able to sell your ideas to clients and work with them to achieve the end product they want.

Organization – Graphic designers need to be organized in order to meet deadlines and stay within a budget. General business skills will come in handy, since many graphic designers work on a freelance or contract basis.

Problem Solving Ability – Graphic design is a brainteaser. Choosing just the right fonts, colors and lines to create a balanced composition, while simultaneously conveying meaning, is complicated. In order to succeed in a graphic design job, you’ll need to have strong problem solving skills and love a good challenge.

Is a graphic design job right for me?

If you have a good eye for color and composition, a love of technology, and skill in communicating ideas, a graphic design job will allow you to combine all of these elements in your work. A career in this field may be just right for you.

Web links for local schools:

Sinclair Community College
School of Advertising Art
Columbus College of Art & Design
Art Academy of Cincinnati

Types of jobs to apply for:

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Internet Specialist-Internet Marketer
  • Presentation artist
  • Video production
  • Commercial artist
  • Print designer (brochures, stationery, logos, posters, signs)
  • Film production
  • Ad agency
  • Marketing communications
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Dayton Imaging Posts New Presentation

Dayton Imaging announces a new slide show presentation for your viewing pleasure. Stay up to date with Dayton Imaging, we are always moving ahead with new technology solutions. Click here


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Advanced Web Ranking - My bff!

Are you in the market for a powerful search engine marketing tool? As a professional in the search engine marketing industry, Advanced Web Ranking from Caphyon is my very best friend. This tool delivers the best in search engine rank tracking, keyword research, keyword analyzing, search engine submission, creating link partners, link popularity and more.

The folks at Caphyon have done a great job combining the powerful tools that place you high in search engine placement. And it is clear that "good placement" is the key to successful search engine marketing. This tool is not for the novice so make sure you do your homework and get the tech support they offer to ensure your success.



One customer reports...."The Advanced Web Ranking tool has reduced the number of hours we spend researching and reporting rankings to our clients exponentially. Our clients are 100% pleased with the look, feel, and analysis of the AWR reports." Michael Sherman - President, Qualified Impressions

Some of the powerful features this tool offers:

If you are comparing features from other popular SEO tools you can read more about their features here:

Another customer writes..."Advanced Web Ranking Pro saves our search engineering team at GetMeOnTop countless hours, each and every business day. What we used to do manually by hand, is now relegated to our computer running 24x7 verifying results, drilling down into all the search engines and providing us and our clients invaluable information. As a result using AWR, our NYC SEO practice and Web Development Company have become hot commodities. Our clients love the search results reports, providing easy to read search rankings for all their web sites, and for those that wish, deeper analysis for better website optimization. Thank you Caphyon for the frequent updates, quick responses to all my emails and an absolute great SEO product! " - David S. Josephson, CEO, GetMeOnTop-NYC

I have used various programs over the last 15 years, tools that have become staples in the marketplace. Even though some of these tools offer important information like Google Analytics, Yahoo registration, Hubspot Grader and more, I have not found anything like this tool to bring all of the important features together in one place. I would highly recommend this tool for start-up and established businesses. Weather you are a business professional, marketer, web designer or an SEO expert, you cannot loose with this program. Take it from a seasoned professional in the search engine marketing business, this is the tool you have been waiting for.

Here are more helpful links for additional information:

Search engine ranking
Website ranking
Keyword Research Tool

 Some of the best names in business are using this tool; AOL, SIEMENS, SONY, AMAZON, DISNEY, GODADDY, MTV, WEB MD, ORBITZ and more. If the top companies in the world rely on this tool than you can too. I have been using this tool for the last 60 days and I am amazed at the accuracy and expediency this program offers. Weather you are on a Mac or PC you cannot afford to pass this program by. It has helped us and our customers to gain qualified traffic and business growth in the last year and you will be well pleased with the results. This intelligent software provides all the tools necessary for a professional search engine marketing campaign. You can visit the site at:

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Miami Valley Fire/EMS Alliance

The Miami Valley Fire/EMS Alliance assists members to enhance their Fire and EMS services through optimal resource utilization, operational efficiencies, information sharing and regional cooperation while striving to maximize cost effectiveness. Dayton Imaging provided up to date technology solutions for MVFEA and assisted them with content management for the timliness of web updates. The new fresh design makes their site both appealing and easy to navigate.

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EMR scanning, document management -

bryanFor 16 years, Bryan Belden has provided consulting and training for customers' EMR needs. His company, Dayton Imaging Solutions has excelled in offering scanning, document management, microfische/microfilm and data entry support services. Bryan brings a wealth of know-how to the medical practices by bringing efficiency and cost cutting solutions to each practice. His experience and background includes:

  • Document scanning
  • Document management
  • Scanning for large format drawings
  • Record archive scanning
  • Forms scanning
  • Remote records management
  • Data entry (meta data, diagnostic codes)
  • Web-based remote retrieval - off-site storage/back-ups
  • Scanning to your vendor EMR specs
  • Experience with GE, Greenway, Misys/Allscripts, Epic systems

He can provide the insight and know-how that your business requires to grow in this challenging economy. Innovative scanning solutions and best EMR practices will greatly enhance your business efficiency. Contact Bryan Belden today.

Graphic design, branding and website development -


For 16 years, Doug Wade has used his entrepreneurial skills to train and coach hundreds of businesses and non-profit organizations in the mid-west with graphic design and branding solutions, Internet consulting, search engine marketing and best web practices. His experience and background includes:

  • Graphic design for print
  • Web development and content management training
  • Corporate identity and branding consulting
  • Internet & search engine marketing consulting
  • Adobe & MicroSoft application training
  • Marketing consulting through "best web practices"

He can provide the insight and know-how that your business requires to grow in this struggling economy. Innovative marketing solutions and best web practices will greatly enhance your business visibility. Contact Doug Wade today.

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doc-scanningDocument scanning for medical practices and businesses

  • Medical Form Design - For easy EMR data entry of patient registration and medical history
  • Document scanning of all paper sizes including engineering drawings in any image format
  • Web-based document management software
  • Imaging web hosting
  • Digital conversion of Microfiche, Microfilm and aperture cards
  • OCR of scanned documents
  • Turnkey imaging systems featuring Falcon from tsaAdvet
  • Fast turnaround and FTP data transfer on mission critical applications
  • CD/DVD Duplication

    We are on Ohio State Terms Schedule(STS)

Brand development for your business

Consulting and workforce training

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Graphic Design

While web marketing is taking off, brochures and collateral materials remain essential for businesses desiring to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and set themselves apart from the competition.

At Dayton Imaging Solutions, we see great value in professionally designed brochures and strong print materials.

Why? Because while printed materials do all the basics...showcase a company, its products, and services, we design them to do much more—to connect with your customers and prospects, making a lasting impression in their minds, while solidifying your company's brand image and positioning in the marketplace.

So, bottom line, the printed materials we design will work for you, delivering attention, impact, and the results you expect.

Graphic Design Portfolio Samples

hyland_thumb sis_print_thumb United HR

Branding and Corporate Identity

One of your most important and valuable assets is your brand and corporate identity. Dayton Imaging Solutions is experienced in helping others create an image that embodies their values, causes brand recognition that captivates the customer and dutifully represents the company or organization. Let us help you grow and expand your audience through brand consultation and development.

Branding Portfolio Samples

Riptide Ministriesfhumb_fccthumb_mvfeaLegacy Ministries International

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Logo_icon2Over the years scanning & web technology has changed dramatically, as well as our spectrum of solutions. Although digital solutions are much more affordable than they were years ago, businesses are finding it more profitable and cost effective to stay in the business they’re in, and outsource to the experts! Dayton Imaging Solutions is a digital solution provider located in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area, specializing in:

  • Document Scanning - Electronic Records are the future of business and health care. If you are behind the curve on EMR scanning, or you need an efficient way to retreive your records, Dayton Imaging Solutions can help you go “paperless.”
  • Document Management - Managing your documents electronicaly increases the effectiveness of document distribution. Our DMS, Doc Center also offers very an intuitive and user-friendly environment that is easy to learn and navigate!
  • Web Design - we’re experts at ensuring your website does its job. We know how to leverage a stunning design—one that represents "who you are" and "what you do"—with the strategic mission of addressing "why it matters" to your target audiences.
  • Graphic Design - One of your most important and valuable assets is your brand and corporate identity. Dayton Imaging Solutions is experienced in helping others create an image that embodies their values through brand consultation and development.
  • Internet Marketing - Dayton Imaging Solutions offers a professional approach to your Internet marketing needs. We provide comprehensive research and reports to give you the best positioning possible with the top search engines.

At Dayton Imaging, we have a passion for improving your business processes—our staff architects are highly-skilled, technologically-savvy creative visionaries. Above all, we are committed to your success. For more information please call 937.435.4411 or contact us.

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