doc_uploadWhat is DMS?

Digital automation designed to advance the way you do business, featuring:

  • PHP/MYSQL-based document management system (DMS)
  • TIFF, PDF and JPG indexing
  • DOC center is a revolutionary online system designed for storing, archiving, retrieving, displaying and translating master documents into TIFFs, JPGs and PDFs. Our niche lies in creating portable, yet accessible documents, on-demand, using our unique web-based tool.

doc_searchWhy do I need DMS?

DOC center simplifies control and access to company documents. It offers clear, transparent structure, hierarchy and security control. All documents are managed and stored centrally, backed-up regularly and can be accessed by any computer (with a browser installed) on the network.

  • DOC center is an effective solution utilizing the latest technology to deliver documents and help streamline your workflow.
  • DOC center helps you achieve automation and compliance with current industry standards.
  • DOC center increases the effectiveness of document distribution. It handles all documents electronically, alerts users via email and displays relevant information and data at all times. Our DMS also offers very an intuitive and user-friendly environment that is easy to learn and navigate!

The benefits to adopting a DMS solution for document processing include:

  • Quick deployment/immediate return on investment (ROI)
  • Flexible pricing
  • Local infrastructure not required
  • Low implementation cost and low risk
  • Little or no IT investment
  • Web-based system for portability
  • Simplifies control and access to company documents
  • Increases effectiveness of document distribution
  • Offers intuitive and incredibly easy to work with environment
  • Centralizes and protects all your documents
  • Reduce overheads and saves money by going paperless

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