Oct 31 2010


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Dayton Imaging Solutions has been proactive in bringing you the latest tools and up-to-date technology solutions. We have the right solution for your website needs. Below are the Demo sites for you to browse and become familiar with. Please contact us to set up an on-site presentation of these applications:

1. Documendoccenter1t Management Systems - Glossy Docs - The first web-based tool, developed to manage your documents and files with ease. This tool can be customized to match your unique brand and set up to compliment your work flow needs. Benefits include:

  • Flexible pricing
  • Local infrastructure not required
  • Low implementation cost and low risk
  • Little or no IT investment
  • Web-based system for portability
  • Simplifies control and access to company documents
  • Increases effectiveness of document distribution
  • Offers intuitive and incredibly easy to work with environment
  • Centralizes and protects all your documents
  • Reduce overheads and saves money by going paperless

Please call us for a live demo - (937) 435-4411 (x207)

2. Content Management Systems (CMS) - We have several solutions for you to consider. All reasonably priced to fit within your budget. Our premium service provides:


  • cmsEase of use editor
  • Slideshow management
  • Multiple user access levels
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Blogs & Newsletters
  • Email marketing options

Please call us for a live demo - (937) 435-4411 (x207)


ecommerce1ecommerce23. E-Commerce - We use the latest in E-Commerce technology. This application features:

  • Complete Store management
  • Ease of use content management
  • Multiple product variations
  • Search engine friendly product pages
  • Customer tracking tools
  • Email marketing options

Please visit our Demo store and call us to schedule a live Demo - (937) 435-4411 (x207)


facility14. Glossy Rooms - This is cutting-edge web-based facility management software. The latest technology in managing your rooms, services and support. Some of the benefits and features include:

  • Calandar functionality showing the viewer which rooms are open on any particular date and providing choices for times available.
  • facility2Room views and a photo gallery of each room, giving the viewer a full color photo for planning their event.
  • Drawing tools for crafting your room specifications. This gives you full control on the layout and services available for each room.
  • facility4Web-based reporting for scheduling and managing the facility.
  • Online payment system for secured payments, your viewer will be able to purchase their room in advance and specify all support services.
  • and More!

This new automated web-based tool can integrate into your website with ease and your new customers will be thrilled at the ease of use to pre-plan for their next event. Contact us today for a free demo of this application or call us at (937) 435-4411 (x207).

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